Cooking with Amanda: date one

When I first told my friend Amanda I was thinking of starting this blog, she responded with cheerleader-levels of excitement and encouragement, and, quite the cook herself, she asked if she might guest-post from time to time. I told her I was totally envisioning Amanda and Jill’s team-cooking night, and a few weeks ago, Amanda came over and we cooked and ate and drank for about four hours straight. It was divine. Our menu was as follows:

Chopped Caprese Salad
Sun-Dried Tomato Pesto Ravioli with Pan-roasted Cherry Tomatoes
Citrus-scented Olive Oil Bundt Cake

Amanda had a bag of plump little sun-dried tomato jewels that she’d bought at a farmer’s market while visiting her family in Ohio, so we used them as a jumping-off point for the rest of the meal. Amanda found the ravioli recipe at 101 Cookbooks, I found the bundt cake recipe in Enlightened Cakes, and I had a wealth of garden-fresh tomatoes for the caprese salad. Read on a for a photo-journey through our cooking night, and then check out the recipes in the separate links below!

Amanda untangled thyme…
a and thyme


And prepared the pesto…
sundried tomatoes


While I sliced the basil for the caprese salad…
slicing basil

We experimented with pan-roasting tomatoes because the oven was busy cooking a cake…
cherry tomatoes

Then I assembled the spinach…

assembling plates

while the goat-cheese and wild-mushroom ravioli boiled and smelled amazing…

Then dinner was ready…

And so was dessert…

Get the caprese salad recipe here…
The sundried tomato pesto ravioli with pan-roasted cherry tomatoes & wilted spinach here…
And the citrus olive oil cake recipe here…


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