A trip east to eat

This recent lull in posting is because I’ve been visiting my parents back east in the heart of Pennsylvania Dutch Country. (Just so you know, you will never, ever see a recipe for shoo fly pie on here. I may have gone to high school in the land of Dutchy, but I have never much enjoyed the stick-to-the-ribs Amish eatin’.) My mom and I made ourselves comfortable in the kitchen and assembled spring rolls, tweaked the Toll House recipe to experiment with cookie texture, and beat up an excellent batch of chocolate fudge. On Saturday, we spread out a bunch of newspaper on the back porch table and picked half a bushel of Maryland blue crabs. (We lived in Maryland when I was much younger, and I’m pretty sure I was given a wooden hammer at age three and have been smashing and picking crab ever since.)


I rounded out my vacation of eating with a trip to my favorite Mexican restaurant; a stop at a Japanese restaurant that, despite sitting in the middle of land-locked Pennsylvania farmland, has the best sushi I’ve ever tried; and a visit to a seasonal ice cream shop tucked in a tiny town of trees. Its claim-to-fame is the Jigger Sundae, a towering confection of vanilla ice cream, chocolate syrup, whipped marshmallow fluff, and “jigger nuts,” a secret ingredient that is part peanut, all delicious.


Now I’m home with an empty house (Terwilliger is still back east) and a desire to eat Ben & Jerry’s for dinner. I’m pretty sure that’s what I’ll be doing in T-minus two hours.

Up next: my first attempt at baking the perfect chocolate chip cookie (unrelated to the Toll House tinkering mentioned above).


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