Blondie Fail

Oh, so sad.

Several months ago, I followed a recipe for blondies on the back of a bag of coarse sugar. The results were delicious. The coarse sugar didn’t dissolve but instead lent a crunchy-sweet texture that was hard to resist. Those blondies weren’t exactly thick n’ hearty, but they rose appropriately.

This time, they didn’t rise at all, and the outsides became crispy while the insides were pretty close to raw. I mean, it still tasted damn good — butter and sugar and flour is a pretty fail-safe flavor combination — but it’s not pretty. Not at all.



Sunken and strange!

I don’t know what I did wrong. I followed the recipe and measured the ingredients exactly, I definitely added the egg, and I didn’t forget the baking powder. I did not, however, sift the baking powder & salt with the flour beforehand, but that hasn’t given me a problem in the past. I also used sea salt (fine textured) — maybe that hinders rising? Or maybe the problem is just the raw sugar. But the recipe was on the back of the bag!

I just remembered something, though: one time my mom made our family recipe brownies using raw sugar, and the result was something like what I got — flat, chewy, crispy, strange. Maybe the raw sugar melts a little, creating a kind of candy? It was certainly difficult to chip out of the pan:


I don’t know. But I will tell you, lest you think I let them go to waste, I did eat several of these little blondie dominoes. They were extraordinarily sweet, cloyingly so. As close as I’ve ever gotten to “blondie-flavored candy chew.” Oh well. They looked cute.



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